Frequently Asked Questions

Since you are an International business, can I pay in my local currency?
There are various ways to work around this issue. However, we are continuously engaging processes that make payment and services offered a seamless experience. Our company is based in the UK so the transfers can be done to our account in the local currency used in the UK. It is essential to mention that we also have Financial institutions outside the UK which we work with. The ideal process is to give us a call and we would find out the best ways to meet your needs. The businesses we run in different nations of the world has made us International players so we take different factors into consideration when working with clients. This Caribbean Shipping firm is poised to serve you and we would not negate this policy in all that we do.

How long does it take for my goods to arrive in the Caribbean?
There are some basic metrics that apply to the Caribbean Shipping business. The time that the goods depart from UK and the time it arrives in the Caribbean are important yardsticks. Also, when you factor in the need for door to door delivery, it throws up different options. In view of the volatility of some experiences on the Sea, we promise to keep you on track with each movement of your goods. You do not need to worry as you can monitor our progress from the comfort of your home. We assure you that our speed is quite characteristic of what you can find with leading names in the world. Based on all that has been said, you can contact us to get a definite schedule that would match your project needs. Each request is treated on a case by case basis to ensure that we cover all areas of your need.

Is your Caribbean Shipping firm Insured?
One of our goals as a leading name in the Caribbean Shipping industry is to protect you. Each of our vessels has the requisite insurance from some solid institutions in the world. Also, we enter into a service agreement with our clients to protect them from any harm. We are always up to date to meet our obligations as a foremost Caribbean Shipping organization. One of the things we do is to ascertain the goods that you intend to move and we do the paper work to keep you covered. We also work within the rules of basic Maritime laws that run in the countries where we operate. Generally, our Caribbean Shipping operations are insured to protect you from any unforeseen event.

Do you have any other question?
We have tried to cover some of the basic concerns that most of our clients have. However, we also appreciate the fact that there are some needs that might be unique. We have created a platform to address them through our customer interface. It is important to note that our business is growing in different nations of the world. The diversity of culture, people and business operations has made us robust to solve any issue that arises. Also, our management personnel have decades of experience in running our platform in the Caribbean shipping business. We do not take anything for granted in ensuring that we have the best of times working together. Do not hesitate to give us a call or write us as we are here to serve you. Every time you think of Caribbean shipping…we remain your ideal partner.

Our Company Registration
We are a certified Caribbean Shipping firm that is duly registered in the UK. We also have operational outlets in the Caribbean which co-ordinates what we do. Our Shipping Council’s certification is up to date and we do routine checks in line with Maritime laws. Furthermore, we have continued to submit ourselves to the scrutiny of relevant International bodies. We ensure that this business does not give room for empty promises. We have continued to meet all the specifications that allow us to serve you on International waters. Our Caribbean Shipping organization has also enjoyed notable mentions in various countries of the world. We make it our goal to soar new heights with each dynamic trend that crops up in our industry.

Our Promise to you
From the Management of this Caribbean Shipping company to its staff; we promise to give you world class service. Our entire operations revolve around the uniqueness of your needs. We have surpassed the benchmarks that other Caribbean Shipping firms work with. The good part of our deal is that we are affordable and ready to work with you based on your budget. We have the drive to streamline our operations to keep matching the demands of the times in which we live. An overview of all we do can be wrapped up in these words – Caribbean Shipping business that gives you a sublime experience. Every facet of our business is steeped in our core values which has been our watchword over the years. We look forward to have you on board as you enjoy our unique Caribbean Shipping offerings.